NetWatcher is an easy but powerful solution to provide surveillance over Internet on specified computer and mobile tablet devices.

No matter you are personal or business users, you can find excellent value from it.

NetWatcher, How It Works

NetWatcher application is a network solution, relying on Internet access.

All core services are located at server cluster. NetWatcher agent is required to install in Windows computer or tablet to enable remote surveillance.

Any computer could play as Master Monitor Console to logon to remotely monitor all screens of NetWatcher agent enabled devices in real time.


NetWatcher, How It Works


NetWatcher service is organized by different site domains; each site works in an isolated system and cannot interfere with each other. The security access control is firmly restricted in its own domain.

NetWatcher is composed of NetWatcher Service and Agent programs. NetGuarder is providing NetWatcher Service online. Either personal or enterprise users can select the product or service for their needs.

NetWatcher Agent, How Smart It Is

When NetWatcher agent provides screen capture to NetWatcher Service, it typically sends surveillance data over Internet to server. It costs network bandwidth, computing time, storage and other various IT resources. In order to save the resources and capture the real actions from monitored devices, NetWatcher agent is intelligent to follow the two rules below:

1. It works on a specified surveillance interval, and

2. It only sends the changed screen, which is defined by a control setting Screen Difference Threshold, to NetWatcher Service server.

In addition, it uses high competent image comparison algorithm to decide how many percent of two consecutive screen images changes and only the screen with changes over the defined threshold can be sent to NetWatcher Service server. It not only saves IT resources, but also it makes the surveillance much more efficient. The surveillance data are all the real changes.

Business Cases

For Families

Parents can use NetWatcher to observe and control children's computer usage and internet surfing in very close and secret manner. It's a powerful deterrent force for kids' better behaviors.

Families can also connect extra video cameras to NetWatcher agent enabled devices and build up a remote surveillance system easily.

For Enterprises

Many companies get to know many employees work with a little effort for real tasks, while they spend a lot of energy on surfing Internet in working time. According to American PMI (Projects Management Institute) 2003 report, 75% companies take measures on network surveillance in order to enhance enterprise work efficiency. NetWatcher is such a kind of supervision solution, designed for managers and technical people.

Increasing employee productivity and human resources efficiency can be gained positively through better control and communications. NetWatcher not only conducts remote screen monitoring during working hours but also facilitates one-way communication to monitored devices. End users of monitored devices can get constant messages from Master Monitor Console.